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CEPIC stands for the Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage.

As the European Center of the Picture Industry, CEPIC federates nearly a thousand picture agencies and photo libraries in more than 25 countries, both within and outside the European Union, along with affiliates in North America and Asia. CEPIC membership includes large and smaller stock photo libraries, major photo news agencies, art galleries, museums and video companies. Through this membership, CEPIC represents more than 150.000 authors in direct licensing. The annual CEPIC Congress is one of the largest global gatherings of the international photo community. CEPIC has been a member of IPTC since 2005 and of ICOMP since 2009.

The aim of CEPIC is to be a united voice for the press, stock & heritage organisations of Europe in all matters pertaining to the photographic industry.